Recruiting Strategy Thought For Your Staffing Company

Recruiting Strategy Thought For Your Staffing Company

Recruiting for your staffing agency is a steady and ongoing event that appears to never end. The money many staffing companies spend to recruiting can at instances range in the upper 1000's per recruit.

But, this just isn't the very best way to go after recruits if you are a staffing agency. Why? Because the staffing world is such that the turnover rate could be very high at times. These rates then turn out to be contraindications for spending money to recruit.

How then do you overcome the need to discover candidates over the need to pay money to seek out the candidates?

This idea I am going to present to you ought to be used repeatedly and needs to be utilized by all members of your staff.

Make each member of your workers a unpaid recruiter!

Sure, you heard me right! An unpaid recruiter!

Here is how it can work. Everybody in your staff should be encouraged and expected to recruit whenever they're working.

Offer an incentive, a bonus or a gas card (this works great at present)

Your employees can reach much more individuals and persuade a higher number of perspective staff than you each could without spending a dime.

Certain you will have to pay a finder's payment, however that comes only after the worker works so many shifts.

In impact, the staff work has paid for the finder's fee.

The number of those that your area employees can recruit will grow exponentially.

Use this method alongside with other techniques to have an entire and dynamic recruiting event. These are essential to constantly have a pool of staff to seize from.

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